Sunday, June 29, 2008

You Made OUR Day

Thanks to our good buddy, Monty Q. for giving us this awesome awardie, the You Made My Day awardie!! This really makes our day!! Wowie - thanks!! Now, we want to pass this awardie on to some other purrty awesome kitties.
1. Kimo and Sabi Like Monty, we feel a kindered bond with those living with blurpies.
2. Adan and Lego For all the sheer happiness and kindness they bring to the cat blogosphere.
3. Princess and Pierro for being such sweet kitties and for always having a nice saying and thought of the day.
4. Chairman Mao, Brainball, and Dorydoo and Marilyn MonREOW for being such a big happy family who make us smile.
There are sooooo many kitties who make our day but these are just a few! Happy Sunday everyone!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sad Saturday

We are heartbroken to hear the news that Emil has been missing since last weekend. We are so sorry we did not know this so we could add our purrs to all the purrs from others in the Cat Blogosphere to help his return. Regrettably, Mommy has not been very attentive to us lately and not been helping us blog so we did not know that he'd been missing since last Saurday. Mommy has been very bad because she and Daddy and our blurpy sister left last weekend for a trip to Gettysburg, PA (which is why we invited you all over for a last minute slumber party except mommy wouldn't let us say that they would not be home because she says not all people on the innernets are nice and might take advantage of this information) and then Mommy started back to work full time on Monday so she was too busy having leaky eyes and moping to help us blog. This new of Emil's disappearance is just so sad. At least he is keeping Ana company now and getting to see all those who have gone before. We send extra big hugs and purrs to the Cat Realm and the Maid and Butler at this tough time...

Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday, June 20, 2008

Fun Funky Friday - Party at Our House

Bring your scratcy boxes, your tents and your beds! It's a slumber party at our house tonight and you're all invited! Hope you can teleport over!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!

We don't need a holiday to tell our Daddy how very much we love him. We show him everyday how special he is to us and how much fun he is and how much we care. But here are some photos of us spending Q.T. (Quality Time) with Dad...

Happy Father's Day to all the Super Daddies in the Cat Blogosphere!

Ollie and Daddy hanging out.

Daddy comforting Mr. Chen at the V-E-T

Daddy admiring Mr. Chen

Ollie giving Daddy kisses

Ollie and Daddy playing video games

I Love My Daddy!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Toesies Tuesday

Happy Toesies Tuesday everyone! Here I am showing you my clean white "tube socks" on my back legs and if you biggify, you can see my multi-colored toes.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Trip to the Philadelphia Zoo

Last weekend, Mommy and Daddy took a trip to the oldest zoo in America, The Philadelphia Zoo, which happens to be right in our backyard. Unfortunately, we did not get to go and they took the blurpy thing instead which seemed completely unfair to us but oh well. Mommy said something about a "no cats allowed" policy but we think that's ridiculous - it's a zoo for cring out loud!!! There are cats all over the place. Oh well... Maybe next time we will dress up in some of our sister's clothes and sneak in, too!

Anyway, they took some photos and showed them to us (gee, thanks). We thought we'd share them with you all - enjoy! Happy weekend to all our friends!

Daddy said this bear reminded him of Mr. Chen.

A Peacock

Old tortise

A family of geese with eight little gosslings (though you can only see seven in this pix) just walking all around the zoo grounds