Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tuckered Out Tuesday

Can you see how sleepy we are here? (P.S. Ollie is in this picture, too!)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Sad news

We were very saddened to learn that Jeter Harris and Mickey's beautiful sister, Kallie, went to the Bridge on Thursday morning. She was 17 and a half years old and we know she lived a grate life (how could it not be grate with JH and Mickey for bruthers??) Our hearts go out to Jeter and Mickey and their family in this tough time. We are purring for Kallie on The Rainbow Bridge and know that we will all see her again someday.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Thanksgiving Tale

We wanted to share a little story with you about how Ollie and Mr. Chen were very excited about the preparations underway at our house for the big Thanksgiving feast. Daddy and mommy were ironing the tablecloths and Ollie thought this was great fun and a wonderful reason to practice some of his jumps and claw work. Once that fun was over, the tablecloths were put on the tables and Ollie immediately jumped up on the table with the nice fresh ironed tablecloth. This did not go over very well with mommy and she got the spray bottle out for the first time since we were little kittens. The spray bottle did not go over well with Ollie who really did not enjoy being squirted with cold water while trying to enjoy the fresh new tablecloth. Soooo.... Ollie decided to leave a little surprise for mommy on the table!! Heee-heeee!! Can you see it???? Too bad mommy found this before the company came or it would have been REALLY funny!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

We are very thankful for our friends in the Cat Blogosphere! We hope that each of you is enjoying a turkey and love-filled day with your beans!! We will look forward to visiting later after these beans are gone or maybe tomorrow. Gobble gobble!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wordy Wonderful Wednesday

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! We are so thankful for each and every one of our friends that we have met through the Cat Blogosphere!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Toesies and Tongue Tuesday

Hope everyone has a Happy Toesies Tuesday. We are excited for the big turkey feast on Thursday here in the US. Mommy and Daddy are getting ready to have 21 people over to the house (we are not excited about that large number of people) so we anticipate some extra turkey for us!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Oh Happy Day!

We were very excited to receive a package from the man in the blue shorts on Friday. Mommy and daddy helped us open it and look what all was inside... We got the most amazing tent cube, two pouches of delicious treats, and two toys! What a great present! Thank you Skeeter and LC for a wonderful 10,000th visitor contest and a truly amazing prize package. We love this tent cube so much that mommy and daddy are going to look for other ones to attach to it for a tunnel effect.

Here's hoping every kitty has a snuggly, super Sunday! (Mommy said it might snow today where we are which would be so much fun but we don't believe it...)

Friday, November 16, 2007

Our Box of Life - A very important meme

We were so moved by Miss Peach's "My Box of Life" meme that we felt we just had to play along even though we weren't tagged directly.

Like Miss Peach, we are also very simple kitties. We do not need many material things. We need to give and receive love, full bellies and songs in our hearts. These are the most important things in life.

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" ~ Mary Oliver~

"We are shaped and fashioned by what we love." ~ Goethe

What do we put in our box of life?

We put our big brother Bingo in our Box of Life. Though we never met him, he means so much to mommy and daddy and we know he is an important part of our lives.

We put all the kitties and woofies who are in shelters still waiting to find their forever homes in our box of life. We also want to put Lesyle in our box. Lesyle is the pet adoption coordinator at Morris Animal Shelter who put Mr. Chen in mommy's arms and said "this one's special". Lesyle is very special, too!

We also put in all the lives of those who have gone before to the Rainbow Bridge.

We even place Dr. Siems, our V-E-T in our box of life because she is kind and very caring and loves us very much and helps mommy and daddy take good care of us.

We put our grammas and grandpas and great grammas and grandpas in our Box of Life.

Furry mice and the lives they sacrifice for us have a special place in our box of life. (Note from mommy: So far, only toy mice have lost their lives. No breathing mouse has YET to sacrifice his or her life for Mr. Chen & Ollie's amusement.)

We place Anastasia in our box of life. She is missing but never forgotten.

We put our friend Olympia in our Box of Life. Olympia is quite old and very special.

Ollie would like to put the bed that Monty's Mombean made him in our Box of Life. He sleeps on it all the time.

We place our unborn sister, Sophie, in our Box of Life. We just know we're going to get along smashingly (someday)!

We put all of our wonderful friends from the Cat Blogosphere in our Box of Life. You all are so wonderful - we can't imagine life without you! We put your beans in, too.

There are so many special moments and friends and loved ones we put in our Box of Life. And, we're only 1 and half years old! We can't wait to do this meme again when we're Miss Peach's ripe young age!! Thank you for creating this meme, Miss Peach!

We tag any kitty who wants to play along.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Mancat Monday

Happy Mancat Monday Everybody!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy Sunday and Congrats Adan

Mr. Chen wanted to point out that he is also flexible. See him here in a very tricky pose while balanced on top of the printer? Congrats to our good friend Adan for winning Anastasia's last dare! We are very happy for him!! It was a great costume he got Michico to wear.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Dress Up Your Staff (DUYS) Dare

We did it! Here are daddy and mommy dressed up. Anastasia, we got 'em!

Photo Hunters #8 - Flexible

While we are both quite flexible, Ollie seems to have mastered some very complex yoga poses here!

Happy Saturday to everykitty! Thank you all so much for stopping by to support us as we try to come to terms with the new blurpy thing. You all have helped us see that there may be some good things come out of this yet!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #15

Well, by now you have all helped us understand that we have a blurpy thing on the way. Plus, mommy and daddy have been having talks with us about this new development to try and help us understand how this could have happened. So, in honor of the news for this week we wanted to share thirteen reasons we are not sure yet if we are very happy about this blurpy thing on the way...

1. The bed is already too full. Where will the blurpy thing sleep?

2. Ollie likes to be picked up and carried around. Will mommy and daddy be able to carry around both Olllie and the new blurpy thing?

3. We don't like loud things. Do blurpy things make a lot of noise?

4. We have never been big bruthers before. What are our roles and responsibilities? Will we have to help the blurpy thing learn to use the litterbox and chase mice?

5. If we don't want to have the blurpy thing around anymore can we send it back?

6. We like to lick each other. Will the blurpy thing like to be licked? Will it lick us back?

7. Wrassling and herd of elephants are our favorite games. Will the blurpy thing like to play these games? What if it doesn't?

8. Mommy and daddy get out the flashy thing and take lots of pictures of us. We don't like that so much sometimes. Maybe now momy and daddy will take pictures of the blurpy thing and not us? Hey... that would be a good use for a blurpy thing.

9. Mommy and daddy sometimes try to dress us up in hats and weird things. We REALLY don't like this. Maybe they will try to dress up the blurpy thing instead of us?? That would be great if they would never try to dress us up again because they were busy dressing up the blurpy thing. That would be way cool!

10. We like to cuddle a lot. What if the blurpy thing doesn't like to cuddle?

11. We like to scratch our scratching posts and mats and - shhh... don't tell mommy and daddy but sometimes the furniture and cabinets. Will the blurpy thing tell on us if we are scratching things we aren't really supposed to? Will it like to scratch?

12. Ollie likes to spaz out in his tent. Will the blurpy thing want to spaz? Will it like tents? Can we teach it tent wars?

13. Mr. Chen likes to make biscuits on mommy and daddy. Will the blurpy thing like it if Mr. Chen makes biscuits on it?

We have so many unanswered questions about this new blurpy thing. We will try to be positive and look on the bright side but we hope the blurpy thing fits in here or we might have to recommend that mommy and daddy take it back to its shelter. (Do you think they'll go for that suggestion?)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Wednesday "Wut da??"

To quote our good friend, Jeter Harris, "Wut da???"

Mommy and Daddy are all excited and say we're going to be big bruthers. Wut da??? Is that like Dragonheart is going to get his baby bruther soon?? We didn't really ask for one though...

Mommy and Daddy sent us this link but we still don't quite get it http://oxenfordfamily.blogspot.com/.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Long Arms and Some Toesies Tuesday

This is here is Ollie doing his "Long Arms" posing. He is posing by a beautiful vase and olive branches that Dee Ree gave mommy and daddy for their 2 year anniversary this year. Doesn't he look handsome there?

Here is Ollie on mommy's lap watching some tv. See how the toesies on his left paw are mostly pink?

Monday, November 05, 2007

Mancat Monday

Happy Mancat Monday everyone!!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sunday Snoozin'

While we were home during our brief teleportation to help mommy and daddy, Mr. Chen found himself with a quiet moment and a big floofy comforter.

We are having a great time on the roadtrip though - don't get us wrong. Monty kept the songs going on our downtimes on the party bus. Millie is a little homesick but she is being continually amused and sweetly embarrassed by his serenading. And, Monty is such a gentlecat that he has chartered a train to take them back. We've had the time of our lives on a hot air balloon ride with Miss Peach and a visit to her beautiful cottage. Karl and Ruis had a balloon all to themselves - ah sweet romance. Mr. Chen is a little afraid of heights and barfed a little but nobody seemed to mind. In fact, several of the road trippers (including Ollie) just ate it but Miss Peach was a little appalled and encouraged us to have some of the crab balls she'd packed for us instead. What a lovely hostess she is! And, what a great time we've had!!! Thanks Roxy and Lucky and Monty (for inviting us)! We can't wait to do it again soon.

Saturday, November 03, 2007


We are FINALLY back online after two days of issues. First, mommy was at a conference so she couldn't help us as much as she normally would. And, SECOND, mommy got a new powerbook and had many many issues uploading photos with the new version of iPhoto and Blogger. Grrrr...As if we were not frustrated enough (Blogger is already causing us grief because we cannot consistently get photos to upload correctly on the right nav of our bloggie!) but this was in fact an iPhoto library indexing issue which thankfully, daddy helped mommy to solve. Anyway, we're finally back and we can't wait to catch up with everyone!!

We're having a fine Saturday so far. We briefly teleported back from our road trip to see what Mommy and Daddy are doing things around the house. We decided to help a little with the indoor projects before we re-join the roadtrippers. We can't wait to get to Kimo & Sabi's in Petaluma, Chicken Capital of the World!! At least the weather is nice! We hope our friends in the south east coast are not getting too much rain. Happy Saturday to everyone!