Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy Sunday and Congrats Adan

Mr. Chen wanted to point out that he is also flexible. See him here in a very tricky pose while balanced on top of the printer? Congrats to our good friend Adan for winning Anastasia's last dare! We are very happy for him!! It was a great costume he got Michico to wear.


Daisy said...

Mr. Chen, I agree that you are just as flexible as Ollie! I thought Adan's entry was very good, too.

Donny and Marie and Casey said...

Flexible and well-balanced...that's a gurreat cat pose too!

We are happy Adan won!!

~Donny and Marie

Anonymous said...

Very good flexibility :)

Dragonheart said...

You certainly are flexible, Mr. Chen. :) Excellent balancing job. :)

Skeeter And LC said...

Great back leg extenshun, Mr Chen! We are impressed by your balance.

Parker said...

Both of you are very flexible and very handsome!

Mickey said...

Mr Chen, you are flexible .You also show off your very nice body.
You & Ollie did a suoer job with yer Mom & Dad! heehee!!

Henry Helton said...

Hey guess what? I got a sister!

The Cat Realm said...

You mastered that pose! Very nice.
Have a wonderful Sunday!

michico*Adan said...

Oah, Mr. Chen,

Thank you for especially congratulations for me.
I am so so happy and my heart blows away~!!!! SO SO SO HAPPY!!!!

Thank you, thank you~!!!

You sure did very flexible so sure, and elegant as well~!!!!

Great you have Happy Sunday.
Best Regards

Monty Q. Kat said...

Very cool! What were you sitting on? Did you push the buttons on it? ;D

DaisyMae Maus said...

Mr. Chen ... I didn't know that you had a white belly like mine! How cool!