Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Come Home KIMO

Hello Cat Blogosphere...

We know it has been eons and eons since the lady let us post (please note, she has been downgraded from "mommy" to "the lady" for her bad ways) but we are taking matters into our own hands because our good buddy, Kimo of Cat Banter has gone missing!! Kimo was last seen yesterday around 2pm. His staff say that he must have just got out (ok, well maybe that a door might have been left open) and was tempted to just take a walkabout. But now it's been too long and eveyrone is very very worried. Can you please PLEASE say a little prayer for him that he is ok? We are purring and praying that he makes it home safely soon. We know his bruther Sabi and his sister Kiera are really missing him (not to mention the poor food lady and man).

FANKS everyone!!

Mr. Chen & Ollie

P.S. We have missed you all so much. Maybe this bold action on our part will force the issue with "the lady" and you will be hearing more from us now!