Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Diets are For Losers

So, Daddy took Ollie into the V-E-T on Friday. The V-E-T took some blood and looked in Ollie's mouth. Ollie's bloods came back "perfect" but he has some tartars so Daddy has to start really getting better at brushing his teeth. BUT, the V-E-T also said that Ollie was overweight and our food should be limited to a half cup of dry foods a day per cat. A HALF CUP??? Come on... that's a snack... Well, Mr. Chen was so upset about the new diet that he was acting very dramatic to try and get Mommy's attention to fill the food bowl up again. He was jumping on the table while she was working. He was sitting in front of her computer. He was even rubbing back and forth on her legs and then trying to nibble her ankles and bit her leg! BUT, this is the best - then he MADE HIMSELF THROW UP! He got himself all worked up in a tizzy that he went over to the mat, right in front of where Mommy was working and with a one, two "horks" in, he threw up! Mommy thought he did this to give himself something to eat. But, he didn't even eat it. He just left it for her in protest.

Anyway, we think diets are dumb. Here is our hero... Princess Chunky. We bet SHE never had to make herself barf to get more food!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Full Monty Retraction

I am feeling sort of bad for um, well, exposing myself quite so boldly in my Full Monty entry for the 2008 Doing the Q contest being run again by my good buddy Monty Q. Maybe I got a little brazen for being one of last year's winner or maybe I was just not thinking straight but my sincere apologies if I offended anyone's delicate sensibilities out there. My super special sincere apologies to all the ladies - I hope I did not scar you by exposing my private bits. Perhaps I should have done this instead?

While I don't think I'm allowed to go in and change my entry, I would like to post some more modest Full Monty poses for you here on my bloggie. I hope these are more tasetful and again, I'm really very sorry if any kitty is offended by my hoo-ha shot...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Chilling

It's supposed to be another scortcher here in the northeast so we're going to do what we normally do on Sundays anyway and sleep the day away. Hope everykitty and their beans stays cool!

P.S. Mommy knows of two woofies who need forever homes. Please help! If you, or anyone you know, are interested please get in touch.

Meet Tracker - a friendly 10 yr. old who was abandoned at Pet Smart by his owners for 8 weeks and they refuse to come pick him up. Tracker is good with other dogs and cats and is leash trained, house brokem and very calm. Won't you help Tracker find his forever home?

This is Nellie. She is a young pit bull who was rescued from her owners who were mistreating her. Can you help sweet Nellie fnd her forever home?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Table fun

Mommy put a tablecloth on the dining room table recently. Thanks, Mommy! That really makes it so much more fun for Ollie to do his table surfing and for both of us to roll around and wrassle. Hope everykitty has a very happy Saturday!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Blurpysitiing rates?

How many temptayshuns should I demand for all this blurpysitting??

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Sad Week

Ollie and Daddy hugging

We are sorry we missed Kimo and Sabi's Birthday and other Independence Day fun but our mommy's Grandpa passed away on July 2nd and it's been a very sad and tough time here. You can read more about it on our blurpy sister's bloggie. Our mommy is very sad and it will be a very busy week for her and Daddy so we're sorry we won't get to visit you all as much as we'd like. Hope everykitty had a Happy 4th of July. Please hug your beans extra tight this week, ok?