Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Stork Brought The Blurpy Girl

Sophia Grace Oxenford was born at 1:10am on March 26, 2008. She weighed in at 7 lbs., 14 ounces and was 20 inches long. She smells good. We are cautious but curious about her and even though mommy and daddy seem a little extra preoccupied with her, there are lots of visitors to give us extra love and play with us. If you want, you can see lots more photos at Daddy's photo site at

We hope we'll be able to post more soon but we're not sure how much mommy is going to let us on the computer now since we're all supposed to be paying attention to the blupy girl. We'll post and visit when we can though!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Mancat Monday and Chinese Cat Roundups

Happy Mancat Monday Everyone! We are not sure if we told you about Mr. Chen's fascination with string but he loves the stuff. In fact, he's totally addicted to it. Sometimes Ollie gets in on the string action, too..

UPDATE: The Easter Bunny did not bring the blurpy girl yesterday. We were all wondering but nope, not yet...

In other nooos, we here are all very upset about the Chinese cat round-ups and inhumane treatment we first read about on the Cat Realm's blog. We signed the petition but there must be more we can do together to create awareness about this and try to make it stop. Since we were all feeling a little helpless, we did some googling to see what else we could do to help.

We propose some ideas of how we can work together to stop this horrible feline genocide in China. (Many of these were found on the Toronto Humane Society's website.)
1. If every kitty in the cat blogosphere were to write a letter to the local and major media outlets, perhaps it would help gain enough attention.
2. Contact the International Olympics Committee directly at
3. If you work for or are willing to contact the humane society in your area, ask them to collectivtly write to the IOC and the Beijing Games organizers and Media and Communication contacts.
4. Contact and write to the sponors of the games to let them know if they don't step in and put pressure on the Chinese organizers and government to end their inhumane cat genocide, animal lovers around the world will never buy their products.
5. Write to or contact the Chinese ambassador for your country and ask him or her to intervene now!

What else can we do together to make this stop???

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Friday, March 21, 2008

Fun Funky Friday

Happy Weekend Everyone! Mommy says that the blurpy girl is supposed to arrive in one week from tomorrow - or any day now... We don't quite understand how she doesn't know when it will happen exactly but we are all waiting anxiously for the big arrival! Hope everyone has a super fabulous Friday and wonderful weekend.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tiger Ranch Tragedy

Oh, we are so sad to learn in a Philly inquirer article today about the awfulness and inhumane conditions at the Pittsburgh based Tiger Ranch animal shelter. So many kitties were brought there because people thought it was a a safe "no-kill" shelter but it turns out the conditions were so bad that many kitties got very sick and/or died from the awful environment. The PSPCA is requesting donations of newspaper and pet carriers — including rabbit-size carriers and medium-size dog crates — for housing the surviving cats. It is asking that donations be dropped off at the Clarion County Humane Society in Shippenville, Pennsylvania. Please, if you live near there, can you donate some newsapers or pet carriers??

Just another reason to make today and everyday "hug your fur kid" day...

Friday, March 14, 2008

Totally Thankful Friday

We are so lucky and so thankful to have great friends in the Cat Blogosphere! Our very good buddy Monty Q., and his Mombean,, sent a package to us in the mail!!! It had two adorable onesies for our new blurpy girl (who is due to arrive in just two weeks now, mommy says), a book for Daddy, another very informative book about how to take care of blurpies, and get this - a blurpy thing sling!! Apparently, Mommy and Daddy are going to wear the blurpy girl around the house in it. Then, on top of all that, Monty Q. included a whole big bag of balls and toys and a micey and a bag of treatsies. Isn't that so awesome?! Thank you Monty! Thank you MomBean! You are so sweet to send us such nice gifties! Mommy and Daddy are really grateful too! Ollie wants to specifically thank you for the box, too - he loved it!

Hope everykitty and their beans has a fun and wonderful weekend!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Mancat Monday and a Feral Friend

Popeye (you might need to biggify)

Well, lately Mommy and Daddy have been feeding a feral kitty who likes to hang out in our backyard and under the pool deck. Mommy named him Popeye because one day when she saw him his right eye was closed and she thought he was missing an eye. The next day when they saw him again, the eye was open (he fooled her!). Several times Popeye is limping and looks like he's been in a fight. Popeye has also been seen with his girlfriend (um, Daddy actually saw him "in action" so he must not have had his hoohaectomy yet). Mommy wishes she could catch him and take him in to get neutered or checked out but with the blurpy girl in her belly, she's not able to run much these days. So, they have been feeding him really good foods (actually better nutritious food than we get because Mr. Chen's belly is so sensitive, he can't eat the Verus food anymore.) We like to watch Popeye and sometimes his friends come around, too. Mommy and Daddy will keep feeding him and might even try to build him a little bed or something for him to keep warm. We formerly ferals and formerly shelter kitties sure are lucky to have our forever homes. There are so many kitties who do not. We must try to help them whenever we can!!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Yeah Ma?

Just a sec mom... I got to check out this new bed first.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Helping get ready for the blurpy girl

Today mommy and daddy tried to organize and sort through all the loot they got from the baby shower for our blurpy sister. Daddy put the car seat, stroller system together and we helped go through all the new clothes and toys for Sophie. Ollie was particularly fond of the tulle and Mr. Chen really loved playing with the string and ribbons. All in all it is a very productive and good day.

We are so very thankful for all your purrs and headbutts this week - they really helped ease our sadness over here... Our woofie friend, Suzie, was indeed helped to the bridge this week. The VET assured her mommy and daddy that it the right thing to do because she had some organ failure as well as the inability to walk anymore. Your purrs and prayers were greatly appreciated and we passed them along to our mommy and daddy and Suzie's mommy and daddy and they were a big comfort to us all.

We hope everyone and their beans take some extra time for cuddling and loving today. We must treasure each day we have together!!