Monday, October 26, 2009


Here we are practicing to count on the blurp's abbycus. By the way, that lost little kitten we posted about earlier got a nice home with a retired lady who just lost her own kitty. Thanks for all your concern!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Feral Colony and lost little kitty

Ok, it's gone too far... Mommy has been feeding the feral kitties that live on our street. There are many of them and it started with putting food out in the backyard or the driveway. Then the food moved closer and closer until most recently there was a feral kitty every morning and every evening (and often in between) on our back deck looking for some foods. Then, Mommy had to stop feeding the kitties because well, frankly the yard started smelling like a big litterbox and she saw a flea on her leg one day while petting Ollie. Not being an outdoor cat, Ollie could have only had a flea hop on him from one of the ferals coming so close to the door to eat. She was sad about this but tried to stand firm for our safety and for the safety of our blurp. She was doing really well with not feeding them and even put the big bag of foods she bought especially for them in the shed so she wouldn't be tempted to slip them a little plate once and a while.

But then, yesterday, Mommy and the blurp were heading outside and stopped dead in their tracks to witness one of the ferals trying to get its brand-new kittens across the front lawn from the hostas to under the house. Well, they must have scared them because the momma and two babies took off but left behind one of the little babies who just wailed and wailed. Mommy was so nervous and put out milk and cat food (gotten from the shed) for the little left-behind kitten and hoped that maybe the food and milk would also make the mommy come back looking for it. Alas, hours later when she and the blurp returned the poor little kitten was still there. Sad and still and alone. Mommy got very nervous now because it had been several hours and it was very cold and the mommy clearly wasn't coming back for it. Thankfully, our Uncle Mike is an ER vet nurse and of course mommy called him for advice. After talking to Uncle Mike, mommy decided to get the kitten to a safe warm place out in the shed in a box with towels and then she fed him milk from an eyedropper. At first, he barely opened his mouth and she was thinking that he was in pretty bad shape but she managed to get a couple of drops in. Then, she went back to check on him and he lapped up about 3 droppers full of milk! Between mommy and our neighbor, Aunt Christine, that kitten got lots of love and milk for a few hours and it must have done him real good. Uncle Mike came by and picked him up and took him to the ER where they checked his fluids and checked him for diseases and he came back fine and all negative. The kitten can't eat or go to the bathroom by itself yet so it has a lot of learning to do but he's in good hands now and will surely be better off in many ways once he finds his forever home. Speaking of which we are a little annoyed but Mommy and Daddy said that since his tests for bad diseases came back negative, if the good nurses don't find him a forever home we might be taking him in here. Hrmph. Not sure we like the sounds of this but hopefully it won't come to pass...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's not funny

Personally I don't see what's so funny either...