Sunday, December 28, 2008

Joy to the World

Horray!!! Our buddy Jeter Harris is finally home!!! It just wasn't Christmas knowing that our dear friend was out in the cold and wet and not inside with his family. We are so happy that JH's mom was able to lure him back in with the delicious tuna dinner she made for him! Yay Jeter's Mommy! Jeter, please do not ever go away again, ok?

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Belated Christmas Wishes

Meowy Christmas! We hope everykitty and their beans had a great Christmas Day. We are sorry we did not get to post sooner or to visit more of you to extend our holiday wishes. We had a house full of beans on Christmas Day as Mommy and Daddy cooked a christmas feast for lots of our family. It was a very late night and then yesterday mommy and daddy said they were "recuperating" so nobody would help us do our bloggie posts. So, we just decided to deal with it and lay around with them and the blurp yesterday. So, today we will start to catch up as we can. Hope everyone had a wonderful wonderful day!!

We got Adan and Lego's card on Christmas Eve! Thanks Adan and Lego!!

Our cousin Suzy on Christmas Eve. We think she was doing some mighty fine snoopervising.

Relaxing on the day after Christmas

Mr. Chen playing with the oh so cool yarn toy Grandma Kathy made him.

Here is our blurpy girl, Sophie, playing with our new toy. Mommy said we had to share with her though.

Here she is playing with our old toys. Boy, she gets a whole bunch of fun new toys from Santa and all she wants to play with is our toys. Oh well... Maybe this means mommy won't get mad if we play with her toys too.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Mancat Monday

Mommy has been trying to upload this photo to stoopid blogger for a day and a half now. STOOPID blogger...

So, Happy Belated Mancat Monday!!

We forgot to mention in our last post that we had so much fun getting our Secret Paw package ready to send out! Our Secret Paw this year was Laila and Minchie. We had so much fun shopping and getting their package ready. We hope they enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting it together for them!! Meowy Christmouse Laila and Minchie!!

P.S. Mommy says here is a funny story for the beans.... When she was at the post office, she had about 8 different packages to mail including our secret paw package. She was doing the labels and realized that she let us draw all over the one to some of our bean family in Arizona. We wrote "Shhhhh... It's Your Secret Paw" and "Meowy Christmouse" and some other stuff. Mommy did a quick check and saw that and thought oh well... it's going to our beans in Az anyway. Then she drew on Laila and Minchie's package just like we drew for them on the package that went to our beans. Ha! Mommy had a good laugh about that one.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holiday wages

Here I am blurpy sitting again. I ask for higher wages on the holidays though!!

Oh what fun, Saturday!!

Here we are waiting for the man in the blue shorts and the man in the brown shorts to come back again....

Oh what fun! What a great week it has been. We have been so tickled to receive everyone's cards in the mail!! Thank you so much! We LOVE LOVE LOVE to receive these holiday cards and greetings from our friends. For a while we were getting more than mommy and daddy (hee hee).

We are also very happy because the book we won from Kimo & Sabi, Dewey, also arrived from the man in the brown shorts this week.

It's a busy week coming up this week so we just want to say now how much we love all our friends in the cat blogosphere and how much you all mean to us!!! Happy holidays to you and your beans!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Toesies Tuesday

If you biggify, you can see the white tips of my toesies!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Very Belated Dare

We are very late in posting this but Ollie wanted to take on the Pablo's Dare in The Cat Realm's I Dare You All, Part 4, #3. We know it has been a really really long time (over 1 month) to post this but mommy had some issues with the um, "props". Anyway, at long last... here it is mate!!

Ollie's Accepting Pablo's Dare

These Steve and Terry Irwin dolls were purchased many years ago by Daddy for Mommy for Christmas. We miss you, Steve!!!

Also, on another note, Mommy is a little upset lately because she changed our blog roll to include all the wonderful kitties in the blogosphere and somehow when we used the complete one it seems to have left out several kitties whose bloggies we like to visit. Unfortunately, mommy did not save the old blog roll which she helped us create manually so we have to go and sort through the new blog roll with her to make sure everyone gets back on there. We are very sorry if you were on "Our Blogging Cat Friends" before and are not on there. We're getting mommy to work on it soon!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Fun Furs Friday

Hope everykitty has a fun furry Friday and happy weekend!!!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Holiday Cards

Wowie!! We got our first Christmas card of the season!! Thank you, Lilly Lu!!! How sweet!!! We are very excited because mommy helped us make our cards this year (unlike last year where she thought she could get away with just making a digital card for all our friends). However, we are a little worried because we do not have everyone's addresses. We have a few but not a lot. If you would like a card from us, please feel free to send us your address. You can send it to chenandollie [at] gmail [dot] com. Or, if somebody knows of an easy way to get everyones' addresses, please let us know, ok? Thanks!!

Um, Mommy is a little bit upset because we got a Christmas card before she and daddy and blurpy did but we told her a card for us is like a card for the whole family (sort of) so that seemed to make her feel a little better again.

Thank you, Lilly Lu!!! You have made us feel very very festive!!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Surprise Hafla for Ruis

It's not everyday that you get invited to a hafla and today our buddies at The Cat Realm invited us to a surprise hafla for Ruis' Birthday. So, we have donned our best bellydancing gear and are having a great time!! Thanks for inviting us and Happy Birthday, Ruis!!

For your birthday, we'd like to give you this warm Arabian nights coat to keep you (and Karl) toasty.