Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Our Not of My Species Special Friend

We have accepted the 2nd IDYA challenge from Karl and Anastasia to befriend another Not of My (Our) Species. In an effort to promote interbestial relations Karl and Anastasia of The Cat Realm have challenged all of us kitties (and beans) in the cat blogosphere to put aside our prejudices and make nice with someone "different". We have decided to choose our bestest neighbor woofie dog, Suzie, to get to know.

Though a woofie, Suzie is very friendly and does not chase us. She sometimes comes over and hangs out in our pool or on our back porch when her parents come next door to visit. Whenever she comes over to hang out on the porch, she is usually pretty mellow and we can stare at her through the screen door if we are feeling very bold. She doesn't even really bark at us or anything.

Suzie likes to swim, go for walks and bark at squirrels and lawnmowers. Suzie is a very lucky woofie and gets to travel a lot to Maine and Washington, DC. (We have only ever been to Philadelphia and Lansdowne.) Suzie also gets to go in car rides sometimes. She is not so bad, for a woofie. Thanks Karl and Anastasia for this fun challenge!


The Cat Realm said...

Oh, how wonderful!!! Suzie seems to be a great dog and I loved your comment about staring at her when you feel really bold! You are such brave cats to approach such a big dog for the nomss friend challenge!
Thank you very very much for accepting the Dare!!!
Your friend Karl
Maybe now that you are friends you can talk Suzie into starting to write her own blog?

michico 小芥 said...

Oah, Suzie looks always smiling to you~!!! How good friend is she~!!!

Thanks for introducing her, let me believe there are very good doggie in world.

Mosaic Cats said...

Suzie is a very sweet and happy looking dawg! She likes her life. You can see it! We love that you have her over for pool parties. What a life!!

Karen Jo said...

How cool that you have a NOMSS Friend in real life! She looks like such a sweet doggie. I am sure that you will enjoy getting to know her better.