Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Diets are For Losers

So, Daddy took Ollie into the V-E-T on Friday. The V-E-T took some blood and looked in Ollie's mouth. Ollie's bloods came back "perfect" but he has some tartars so Daddy has to start really getting better at brushing his teeth. BUT, the V-E-T also said that Ollie was overweight and our food should be limited to a half cup of dry foods a day per cat. A HALF CUP??? Come on... that's a snack... Well, Mr. Chen was so upset about the new diet that he was acting very dramatic to try and get Mommy's attention to fill the food bowl up again. He was jumping on the table while she was working. He was sitting in front of her computer. He was even rubbing back and forth on her legs and then trying to nibble her ankles and bit her leg! BUT, this is the best - then he MADE HIMSELF THROW UP! He got himself all worked up in a tizzy that he went over to the mat, right in front of where Mommy was working and with a one, two "horks" in, he threw up! Mommy thought he did this to give himself something to eat. But, he didn't even eat it. He just left it for her in protest.

Anyway, we think diets are dumb. Here is our hero... Princess Chunky. We bet SHE never had to make herself barf to get more food!


Honey P. Sunshine said...

oh my cat, don't let my mommie read this, she will think i need to be on a diet

Riley & Tiki said...

Vincent Who Came Before topped out at 28#. Mommy gradually cut his food until it was 1/2 cup per day. Even with it being cut gradually, he was still very unhappy. He got down to 18#, but it was definitely a gradual, grumpy process. The vet put him on a high carb/fiber diet. If Mommy had it do do over, she would have used a high protein diet. That is what we eat and we are fine with 1/2 cup per cat per day. 3-4 times per week we also share 1.5 oz of wet food since we are not actually on diets. Good luck!

Riley & Tiki said...

We just went back a re-read the ingredients on the internet. It's not so much protein content. Both kinds of food actually seem to have similar protein contents. Vince's diet had a lot of grains and gluten and meat-by-products and meat meal, even though some of it was prescription. Our diet has fewer grains (we tried no grain, but that gave us diarrhea). We eat no wheat, corn, or soy, and no meat-by-products. The first ingredient of our food is a named meat and not meal (ours happens to be lamb, but other meats are just as good). Mommy thinks this keeps our tummys fuller. Hope this helps. Again, good luck!!

Daisy said...

That was a very dramatic protest!

My Mommie started brushing my teeths, too. She found that a small, soft toothbrush made for babies is easier to handle than the one that came with the CET toothpaste, or the red finger brush.

The Cat Realm said...

I never thought you were over weight.
Those humans should cut their OWN diet before they put US on one!!!
We don't tolerate diets around here - but then - we have lizards. Those keep you thin and slim! Sometimes Karl gets hand fed cream and stuff like that because the staff thinks he is TOO THIN! So - eat lizards if you can... or let the humans SERVE you some instead of a stupid diet!
Mrs. OZ
Don't miss my post tomorrow!

Derby said...

Boo to diets.

Skeeter, LC, and Ayla said...

Wow, we only frow up affer eatin grass outside!

Monty Q. Kat said...

Dude, that's some protest!

Stop by today if you get the chance!