Saturday, September 16, 2006

Coming Home!

Here are Mr. Chen & Ollie being brought from the wonderful Morris Animal Refuge to our home by their new proud pappa! This was also the first time that they met each other! Leslie at Morris calls it "SEPTA Bus Meeting" when you shove two kitties into a carrier and hope they get along. In this case, we're lucky because the SEPTA Bus Meeting was a hit. Mr. Chen & Ollie became fast friends and love each other to death.

I can't say enough good things about the Morris Animal Refuge. If you live in Philadelphia and are thinking about getting a new pet, please check this place out. They are really amazing there and take superior care of all the little animals that come through their door. Leslie is the adoption coordinator and she couldn't have been more wonderful. Jim and I also have never seen such a busy place. Every time we were there, it was non-stop activity with people coming in and out with stray cats, stray dogs, injured squirrels or coming in to drop off animals people couldn't keep or to pick out their new adopted animals. Thanks Aunt Christine for telling us all about Morris!

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