Saturday, September 16, 2006

Media cat vet

Today Chen and Ollie had many new experiences. First, we took them to a new cat vet. Her name is Dr. Margaret Siems. She just opened a practice in Media called The Media Cat Hospital and the office is beautiful. There were toys everywhere and art work with kitties and everything was so clean and wonderful. Chen got a rabies vaccine and another feline leukemia vaccine. Poor Ollie is fighting a bad head cold and has been since we've brought him home so we really wanted to get him checked out. He got pumped with some fluids and Dr. S. gave us new, stronger antibiotics and told us to give him saline and put him in a small bathroom with the hot water running to help clear out his sinuses. Mommy and Ollie had their first of three saunas today! Good for both of them.

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