Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Most Awful News

This morning we learned the most horrible news... Our dear close friend, Monty Q, has had a terrible tragedy in his house. His beautiful baby sister, Violette (aka Sprout), has been taken from his family way too soon. It is with so much sadness in our hearts and so much grief that we send our deepest sympathies to Monty, MomBean Tracey, and the entire family. We can only say that Heaven is a sweeter place now for having dear Sprout there so early. Mommy's eyes cannot stop leaking and she might not stop hugging or holding Sophie all week. Please stop by and send Monty and MomBean and the whole family your love. They will need it this week and beyond...


Daisy said...

It was such a terrible tragedy, and our hearts are still filled with sadness. Hugs to you.

Mickey said...

This was such a terrible thing to happen. WE get leaky everytime we see little Sprout's picture.
Make sure you always tell your loved ones that you love them.

purrs Mickey