Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dare to Care

Do you accept the dare? Karl of the Cat Realm dared us all to "Get Involved" and come up with a dare. Mommy, Daddy, Ollie, Sophie, and Mr. Chen all accepted Karl's challenge. And amazingly, Mr. Chen's dare won the contest!!

Mr. Chen dared you all to come up with one creative, fun, useful way to save the environment and put a picture of yourself doing it on your blog!

So, here is Mr. Chen doing his own dare!! Now, we DARE YOU!

I, Mr. Chen, always use reusable cloth sacks when getting my groceries. Don't use the plastic baggies or even the brown paper bags. They BOTH use up resources that are bad for the environment. Instead, buy a sack at your local farmers market or natural foods store or anywhere really. Use that sack when doing your shopping or just for carrying stuff around.

See what's in my groceries?? Don't forget the butter!

Shoot, I thought I bought two bags of delicious temptayshuns but I guess I only got one. Oh well!

Then, after you put your groceries away, you can play in your reusable sack!!

Mommy, Daddy, Ollie and our blurpy, Sophie, will also be posting their fun, creative ways to save the environment throughout the week, too. We look forward to seeing yours - if you DARE!!

For a list of other ways you can save the environment and halt the climate change crisis, check out The Inconvenient Truth Take Action page.

Thanks again Karl for a wonderful dare!!


The Cat Realm said...

That is a great way to safe the environment!!! My staff actually does it too - but only now do I realize that they deprive me of the fun part of it!!! I do not get to play with the bags..... they keep them in the car, so to always have them handy. I think there will be some changes around here...
Wonderful post Mr. Chen for a wonderful Dare! Can't wait to see the rest of your family do their posts.
We will post our acceptance next Sunday.....
Love Karl

Skeeter, LC, and Ayla said...

We are busy thinkin of ways ta answer the DARE!

Derby said...

I am happy to see you do your own dare! I am a recycled, recycling kittie!

Alice said...

I Have also started carrying groceries around in green bags!
I noticed that you have some of my kitties favorite tuna in your bag!

I couldn't find an email for you anywhere! do you think you could contact me via mine?

ZOOLATRY said...

We took your dare! (and a good one it is...)
Stop and see us today if you can, and congratulations on winning.
Maggy & Zoey, Zoolatry

Anita said...

We re-use the plastic bags of the supermarket for our garbages. This way we don´t consume neither resources nor money in special bags for the garbage.

Fantastic challenge!

Asta said...

Hi I took the dawe too! Come and see on my bloggie!!!
Thank you fow youw idea!
smoochie kisses

Gattina said...

Very nice ! I have digged out my old shopping bag which I hadn't used for ages because I was forced to use plastic bags, and now I am back where we have been 50 years ago, lol !

DEBRA said...

Mr Chen

You are so inspiring..


Cat Naps in Italy said...

Dearest Mr. Chen,
Concatulations on your win. You and your humans must be very proud. I just wanted to let you know that I have taken your Dare. Even though my brother Roscoe just left for the rainbow bridge, we were able to get our dare done together before he left.

Senidng you kitty kisses from Italy,

Jake and Bathsheba said...

We took your dare! What a great idea.


Ruis said...

Congratulations, Mr. Chen!
I also accepted the dare, not with all the recycling and saving things the staff does, but how we cats can save our planet! :-)