Thursday, October 09, 2008

So you think you're a Maverick, huh??

Check out our friend Freeway's new website, My Cat Is A Maverick. We know A LOT of mavericky kitties are out there in the Blogosphere so we thought we'd share this with everyone so you can send in your stories right away. Let's show 'em all who really has the right stuff!! Send in your stories of maverickness to Peebs (aka Freeway) now!

Thirteen Ways We Are More a Team of Mavericks Than That Other Team of Mavericks
1. Just yesterday, we slept in each other's beds (see photo above).
2. Mr. Chen scratches the kitchen cabinets even though he's repeatedly told not to.
3. Mr. Chen scratches the dining room chair legs even though he's repeatedly told not to.
4. Ollie cries at the top of his lungs whenever our blurpy girl is asleep even though mommy chases him and sometimes threatens him with the pink water sprayer weapon.
5. Ollie goes #1 in the Breeze box but not #2.
6. Mr. Chen won't go in the Breeze box at all.
7. Mr. Chen won't go in his regular box if it's messy.
8. We both climb on the kitchen counter whenever we possibly can and mommy's not looking.
9. Mr. Chen licks nan - even when mommy and daddy ARE looking.
10. When we first came to our forever homes, Ollie's nickname was "No Ollie NO" because he was such a maverick.
11. Mr. Chen takes his food out of the bowl and swats it around on the floor like a toy.
12. Ollie will attempt to get into any toy or device that is meant for the blurpy even though mommy tells him not to.
13. Even sitting still doing absolutely nothing but licking ourselves, we are still more mavericky than that other team of mavericks.

Don't forget to check out My Cat is a Maverick and tell your tale!


MacVet said...

My brofur often climbs up on counter-tops and shelves, efen curtain railings. But I dun... bec I am too chubby.


Monty Q. Kat said...

You wild things!

Daisy said...

You two are definitely mavericks! I am going to tell my tale on that site now!

zevo hussein calamari said...

Love the post! Thanks so much for the invite..... Kiss the blurpy girl for us.

pooses for peace

The Cat Realm said...

Are you sure your list is REALLY different from that of the "other" mavericks? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
We love the header of your friends blog, too!