Friday, November 07, 2008

What a week!!

We are so happy and so excited around these parts this week!! It's been quite a week - the week to top all weeks actually. Mommy and Daddy were ecstatic about our new President Elect Barack Obama. We are too! It means that EVERYONE no matter your gender, color, sex, or species will be considered equals and that anything is possible. It means that the United States can finally show its face to the world again and redeem some of its pride by now showing that we practice what we preach about democracy, about equality, about human rights, tolerance, about the real American Dream. Check it out - front pages of world papers say it all, really! It means so much, this historic election, that it's almost impossible to describe the joy felt around the world by so many. We must say however we are a little disappointed in his first executive decision to get a woofie in the White House. Let's hope this is the last of his bad decisions as President.

In addition to this humongous news, Mommy had some pretty big news of her own. She stopped going out hunting for green papers so she could be home all day long with US!! Her official first day home with us was on Monday so it's been our first full week together. This is very exciting for us as it means she can help us with our blogging more often again now, it means our food bowl will never go empty again during the daytime and it means we have someone to play with and cuddle us all day long now. Oh, and Mommy says it means she can be with the blurpy, too. Whatever mommy. We know why you REALLY stopped hunting...

Finally, the squirrels are going bonkers hiding their dumb nuts out in our flower pots on the back deck. It's that time of year, when they get a little crazy and start hording their foods and we get to watch and chase them. Though we are not allowed outside, the dumb squirrels get really brazen and run right along the back deck right in front of us. So this gives us lots of chance to chase them on the other side of the windows and to have staring contests with them. It is very fun!! Above are some photos of Mr. Chen chasing squirrels.

We hope everykitty and their families are also having fantastic weeks and happy weekends to all!

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Daisy said...

It has been a very wonderful week! And hooray for your mom being home with you now!