Friday, September 21, 2007

Fun Funky Friday

Hooray! It's the weekeend! Hope everybody has a wonderful funky Friday and a good weekend. Mommy and Daddy said they are not going to be able to help us get on the computer much this weekend but we will look forward to visiting you all as soon as we can.

In our news, Mr. Chen got a clean bill of health from the V-E-T. His bloodwork came back all negative and so did his fecal sample. Now, Mommy and Daddy just have to try and isolate which food might be upsetting his little tummy. He did have a very hard time and a very strong reaction to the vaccines yesterday and mommy and daddy were very scrared. But, they talked to the V-E-T and his symptoms seemed fairly normal even though mommy and daddy had never seen him so sick. By the time mommy got home from work, he was all better and back to his old self.

Hope everykitty and everybean has a very happy september weekend!


michico 小芥 said...

Oah Dear, Thank you for wishing we have a good weekend, But I believe it is Mr. Chen should need a good weekend~!!

Look at the article today and I am extremely concern about him. How is everything going now, is he feeling a little comfy? I hope he will recover very very soon~!!!!

I am praying for him now~! He will have a good weekend and so are you~! Please also take good care of darling Mr. Chen~!

Adan & michico

Dragonheart said...

I'm glad Mr Chen received a clean bill of health. I have a very fussy tummy myself. If I eat the wrong food, or eat too quickly, I throw up. It seems I can't have food that has any grains in it, so I eat Orijen (Canadian-made crunchies that are grain-free) and Almo Nature (European stinky goodness that is just meat and rice). Even so, if I eat my crunchies too quickly, I throw up. My vet explained that if I eat too much crunchies too quickly, they then expand in my belly, and since their volume increases so much, they come back up because they expand too much for my tummy to handle.

I hope you figure out what is upsetting Mr. Chen's tummy.

The Cat Realm said...

Good to hear you got a clean bill of health, sorry about the vaccination!
I do not get vaccinated except for rabies because these vaccinations make you very sick! The staff gives me homeopathic Lyssin after my rabies shot and I have no reaction! There must be other homeopathic remedies to help with the other vaccinations...?
I haven't forgotten about the award! I just couldn't pass by Fashion Friday to show off my big hat...

Daisy said...

Poor Mr. Chen, I am sorry you had a bad reaction from the Rooster shots. But the good news is that your bloods are good! Hooray!

Henry Helton said...

I can see your teeths!

Honey P. Sunshine said...

we ares glad that mr. chen is feeling better

Chairman Mao said...

Oh wowie, I am so glad that Mr. Chen got a clean bill of health! I hope he's feelin' completely bettur furry soon.

You fellers have a wunnerful weekend!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!