Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday Facts

Oh boy! We've been tagged by Kimo & Sabi for a Meme.

This was apparently supposed to be a Thursday Thirteen meme but Kimo & Sabi did it on Friday and we're going to extend it to Saturday. (It's always good to extend fun as long as possible, don't you agree?)

Here's the rules fur this meme:

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. Write some facts about yourself: some random, some weird, some just plain fun.
3. Tag 7 cats (or whutever) at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
4. Let those 7 know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs.

The challenge is to keep it interesting wifhout making the reader think “Um, too much information."

Let's begin:

1. Ollie's new favorite hobby is eating batting.

2. Mr. Chen loves to pounce on things and sometimes when mommy and daddy come downstairs in the morning, he takes a running jump and pounces at their legs. (For fun, not for kill of course...)

3. Ollie has a signature sound - he shakes his head so loud that we all know when he's coming.

4. Mr. Chen has a signature sound - it's a cross between a whine and a sigh but he does it even if he's happy.

5. Mousing is Mr. Chen's favorite pastime.

6. Sleeping is Ollie's favorite pastime.

7. One of Ollie's favorite poses is to tilt his head, rest it on one arm, and then stick the other long arm all the way out. It is very funny and he looks incredibly bored when he does this.

8. Mr. Chen is very afraid of strangers. Just the other day, daddy found Mr. Chen hiding under the guest room comforter because a painter had come in the house.

9. Ollie likes to give and receive kisses and be picked up. Mr. Chen does not.

10. The red dot makes Ollie insane. Mr. Chen could usually care less about red dots.

11. Watching birdies and squirrels is favorite passtime number two for both of us.

12. Mr. Chen sleeps in daddy's "nest" (right between the knees) and Ollie sleeps in mommy's "nest" at night.

13. We love all you kitties in the cat blogosphere and are so happy we met you all!!

Now, we tag the following 7 kitties if they want to play, too: Monty, Caesar & Princess, Karl, Honey P., Poppy Q., and Marie. Thanks Kimo and Sabi for a very fun meme!!


Dragonheart said...

Fabulous meme! I enjoyed learning more about the two of you! Mr. Chen, when I shake my head it makes a very distinctive sound too! My dad laughs every time I do it. Like both of you, I love watching birdies. :)

zevo calamari said...

Thank you so much for all that great info!

Daisy said...

I am very, very scairt of strangers, too. I wish I could hear the funny sounds that you two make. When I shake my head, it makes a loud noise from my big ears flapping!

Starbuck and Torrey said...

Beautiful pics and great info! Thanks for sharing!

Caesar and Princess said...

We loved this! We are a lot like you guys... sort of.
Our ears flap like Daisy's. I also like to lie on the floor with my head on one front leg and the other stretched out.

Lansdowne Pa is far from where Blizzie goes to kollig but she isin Pa too. Pa is a big state... bigger than Va!

we will work ferociously on this over the week-end and hopefully present it on MOnday.

happy week-end

The Cat Realm said...

Thanks for tagging me - I will do it later, today I am at Munchkins birthday party and will stay there!
I didn't even read yours - I will do that later too - right now I have niptinis and cake on my mind....

Henry Helton said...

Birdie and squirrel watching is really lots of fun. I also get scared of strangers. Strangers are just frightening people!

michico 小芥 said...

Those are great answers~!!!
I love it~!!