Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Ollie's Secret Paw

Finally!! Ollie got to open his Secret Paw tonight. It arrived while Mommy and Daddy were away in Ar-E-Zon-A and can jyou believe they made him wait until tonight to open it up???? Well, it was soooo worth the wait!! What a most fantabulous Secret Paw it was - insdie the box was a santa hat filled with treats and toys including this really cool catnip frog, a stuffed green mousie, a stuffed ed christmas tree light, this really neat tickle toy with a yellow feaver on it, some holiday satiny balls, and some crunch lovers Wiskas crunchie treats. PLUS, there were TWO cards - one from Suki with her beautiful photo on it and another very sweet card from Suki and her mom, Ruth. WOW! Thank you Suki! This was such a wonderful Secret Paws and actually Ollie liked that it extended the holidays even in to the New Year.

Here is a video of Ollie playing with the santa hat - he really loved it!

(Can you see how Mr. Chen is hiding in the tent cube that Skeeter and LC sent him at the end of this video?)

Secret Paws are so much fun! Not just because of the fun treats and toys that get sent from all around the country and the world but because we get to make such wonderful new friends like Suki and Jake and Bathsheba, and Hunter, Belle, Sebastian, Raowr, and Napoleon.


Monty Q. Kat said...

Bunnykick it! Bunnykick it! :D :D :D

Daisy said...

You got some great presents from your Secret Paw, Ollie! I like to play with my clothes sometimes. I think a Santa Hat would be fun to play with.

Ruru said...

Oh Ollie I am so happy to see you got your package!!!!!
I have been looking for you forever!!!!!!!!!
I was looking for you on the secret paws main page. Well it was all worth it.