Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wordless Wednesday and a Meme

Well, almost Wordless Wednesday... Wordless Wednesday and a Meme!!

We got tagged for a meme by our friends Adan and Chancy to reveal Seven Weird Things About Me. Thanks Adan and Chancy for thinking of us! Here we go:

1. I have a very weird cry sometimes. It's very needy and demanding and makes mommy and daddy think there is something urgent that I need (Hee hee - it works to get their attention really quickly!)
2. I LOVE to be picked up and carried around like a baby. Mommy and Daddy used to have to do this all the time. Now, they still do it when I am crying for it.
3. When Daddy picks me up I must stare up at the ceiling. This is because one time early on when Daddy was holding me like this I saw a moth on the ceiling that was very riveting to me. Now, everytime Daddy picks me up, I look for moths because of that association.
4. I love the red dot almost more than anything else in life. Well, not more than mommy and daddy and certainly not more than sleeping but well, I love it A LOT!
5. My full name is Oliver Oliver Oxenford.
6. I don't like to smell or eat any people food. It's gross! One time I ate an olive - maybe that scarred me for life.
7. I DO like to eat Daddy's computer wires when he's listening to music and playing his XBox 360 to relax. Daddy gets very upset with me and does not seem so relaxed anymore. But, I can't help myself!

Mr. Chen
1. I eat the cardboard bits off my Big Mamma's Scratchy Box. If you do not have one of these to scratch and eat, I HIGHLY recommend you get one. Sometimes mommy thinks I like to eat the cardboard bits more than I like to scratch it. (Did I mention it's filled with nip???)
2. I like to pounce on things. I espeically like to try and pounce on mommy or daddy's leg when they're coming around a corner or down the stairs! It gives me so much joy. But, sometimes I will just pounce on a nip mouse or whatever other little thing I'm playing with at the moment. Pouncing is great fun!
3. When mommy and daddy first saw me, I was in the window at the Morris Animal shelter. I'm such a shy guy, mommy and daddy can't imagne that I enjoyed being in the window very much but alas, such is the life of a shelter kitty before he gets his forever home.
4. I like to hide under the covers. Actually, Ollie taught me this cuz I used to just lay on top while he hid underneath them but sleeping under the covers is really so much more fun.
5. The hot steam vaporizer mesmorizes me. I can stare at it for hours. Daddy calls it my Atlantis smoke machine.
6. I loathe being held. I am super cuddy and will make biscuits or lay in your lap but I really truly deeply hate being picked up or held.
7. I make a funny sound that is sort of a cross between a sigh of frustration and a cry. Mommy and daddy try to mimic it sometimes but they don't have it quite right. It sounds like a frustrated sigh but really it's a happy sound.

Thanks for tagging us Adan and Chancy! That was fun! We are probably some of the last kitties to play this meme (cuz mommy has been so busy still and not letting us get to much visiting). We tag any kitty who hasn't played yet and wants to play along!!


Camie's Kitties said...

We like your interesting things. We especially like Ollie's name. We like some of those things as well.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

Chairman Mao said...

What fun it was, to read you fellers' memes! I learned a lot about you guys that I didn't know. Like Ollie's real name! that's furry kool! And how cute about the sounds you guys make.

Brainball and Marilyn like chewin cardboardies, too! I don't chew it, but I like battin the pieces around after Brainball and Marilyn spit 'em out, hehe!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Mr Chen and Ollie, we enjoyed learning more about you! Dragonheart likes to play with the red dot too, and with both like to burrow under the covers. :)

Anonymous said...

"Wow" that was fun to read your interesting lists.Like Ollie I have a weird cry.It usually happens when I'm
excited or scared.Mom says it's a cross between a lion's roar and a screeching car.Like Mr.Chen I love to pounce on things. Especially people's backs.It scares them and makes them scream so funny :)

Mickey said...

Wow!!! That was great! I really likes to learn a bit more about you too.
Ollie,do your folks look at you and say Ollie,Ollie Oxen Free?
My sisfur Georgia has a different cry too .It's hard to describe. Kinda like a low,deep in her throat,rar,rar :)
Purrs Mickey

Black Cat said...

Hi, I've just come across your bloggie via Adan and Michico, who have tagged me for the meme too. I will get it up as soon as I can, so please come visit me at
Your blog is great and Mr. Chen looks like my Ollie who came before, whose full name was Sir Oliver Butler, Q.C.:) xxx

Parker said...

Those were very interesting things!

Daisy said...

It's always fun to learn new things about friends. I do not really enjoy being picked up myself, but I will tolerate it for a while.

Karl & Ruis said...

Those things were very revealing Mr. Chen and Ollie, thank you for sharing!
Make sure to come to the BIG tea party for Miss Peach's 15th birthday on board the cruise ship in Antarctica tomorrow!!!
Karl and Ruis

MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

Ha look at the boys Karl & Ruis drumming up guests for my birthday tea party...gotta love em!
Please send me an email and I will get you Sabi & Kimo's addy so you can send them a baby giftie for the blurpy thing. You are getting a blurpy thing too soon and we are so glad about that!
Love from Miss Peachy

michico*Adan said...

I think Ollie is very open and buoyance~!And Mr. Chen is shy and thoughtful.
And both of you are really funny and adorable~!!

I hate human's food either :>
Mr. Chen,
If lucky, I hope one day I could hear your funny sound, if your beans have chance to record it and load it on your blog, hehehe~!