Monday, May 07, 2007

ManCat Monday

This weekend mommy and daddy went to visit a very special ManCat named Calvin. Mommy used to live with Calvin when she lived with our Uncle Mike. Calvin is a beautiful orange and white kitty but one day he went missing. Calvin was gone for weeks. His daddy was very sad and very scared and worried. Calvin was missing for what seemed like forever and everybody had pretty much given up hope. But then Calvin was found!! When he was found he was all skinny and sick and had some pretty scary neurological damage so nobody knows all the bad things that happened to him while he was gone. Now he is fat again and just as loving and wonderful as ever (according to Mommy). He is just a little "special" in that he tilts his head sideways a lot more than usual. We are so happy they found our cousin Cal Cal, Special ManCat Extraordinaire!


Dragonheart said...

Calvin is a very handsome cat! I'm glad that he was found. His experience sounds similar to one that one of the cats my mom grew up with had. She was an indoor-only cat, but escaped one day, and didn't come home for about 6 weeks. Finally she showed up on the doorstep, skinny and dehydrated, but luckily nothing else was wrong with her. Her personality changed though - before she had been shy and timid, and after she was friendly and always wanting to be around people and cuddling. She must have been through some traumatic events while out wandering during those six weeks.

Daisy said...

Poor Calvin! It sounds like he had some very scary adventures when he was lost. I am glad he was found again. And he is very handsome, too.