Friday, May 11, 2007

Seven Facts About Me, Ollie

It's me, Ollie, here and while I have not been tagged for the Seven Random Facts About Me meme I've decided to play along anyway. Thanks to Sammy and Miles for your encouragement!

Seven Random Facts About Me, Ollie

1. I was very sick when Mommy and Daddy first brought me home from the shelter
Mommy and Daddy were only planning to get one kitty from the shelter but then Daddy saw me and he really felt a connection and kept coming back to me (I was luring him in good!). When they decided to get me and my new brother Mr. Chen, I was healthy and fine. But, then when they came to pick me up (after I had my hoo-haas snipped and all my shots taken care of) I had a bad upper respitory infection. I really felt lousy. I was sneezin' green snot on everything. Mommy and Daddy would take turns holding me in a steam shower to clear out my sinuses. Then, after the respitory infection, I got an eye infection. So then I was getting eye drops and really not in a happy place for a little while there. I slept a lot and Mommy and Daddy thought I was "the quiet one". Little did they know!

2. My nickname is Lolli
Mommy and Daddy call me Lolli, Lollipop, or even sometimes just LOLZ. They also call me Maka, Mackerel, and Tubesocks (cuz of my white socks)

3. My middle name is also Oliver
For the record, my full name is Oliver Oliver Oxenford. It's true.

4. I am a red dot addict
I can chase the red dot for hours. Or really any moving light for that matter. I can't help it. I am an addict.

5. I ate an olive once
Mommy and Daddy don't typically give me people food but I've actually had an olive, some spaghetti, and a short rib. I liked all of these dishes but the short rib was my most favorite.

6. I ate a moth once
Again, true story. Daddy picked me up and held me and I got to looking at the light and all the sudden I saw this moth flying thingie come out of nowhere and I caught it and ate it.

7. I recently started jumping on top of mommy's mirror over her dresser
This is a new skill that I am honing but I have learned how to jump on to the very high dresser mirror and walk it like a tightrope. This is all in preparation for my next move which is going to be to get a running lunge for the ceiling fan and try to catch the arm of the ceiling fan thing. Think I'll make it?

Bonus fact - It's my birthday party tomorrow! You're all invited!
Oh, and I love my brother so much!


Marie the Defender said...

That's a pawesome 7 things about you!

I most sincerely hope you make it to the ceiling fan. When you do, show me how!!

Have a great weekend!

Dragonheart said...

It sounds like you had a rough start with your humans - I'm glad they took such good care of you! I love chasing the red dot too - it's a lot of fun. :)

Daisy said...

Oliver Oliver Oxenford! That's a great name! I like to walk the tightrope too. It's fun.

I have been trying to go after the ceiling fan too. No success, yet.

Happy birthday! I would love to teleport over and join your party!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ollie,

Those are very interesting facts.I never had a short rib before. Yet I did eat a moth once also than I threw up.I'm going to add you to my friends list :)

Caesar and Princess said...

Happy Happpy Birthday Ollie
We are so glad to know these things about you. You are a very pretty kitty and we love the socks, my brother wears them too, very manly.

We are so happy that you are healthy now!