Thursday, May 10, 2007

Seven Random Facts About Me

I've been tagged for a meme by beautiful and brainy Marie, the Defender. Thanks Marie for tagging me! (You might not guess it, but this is my first meme and I'm very excited!)

Here we go:

Seven Random Facts About Me, Mr. Chen

1. I was the display cat at Morris Animal Shelter
When mommy and daddy were at the shelter trying to pick out who to take home forever, I was in the window as "show cat" to try and get people to adopt more kitties. Leslye at the Shelter told mommy and daddy that I was special and should consider me and picked me out of the window and plopped me in their arms. Then, after they held me for a bit, I wasn't so sure about them so I jumped out of their arms and ran around the shelter and ran and ran right into the glass door.

2. I have a bit of a "coke habit"
Frequently, I emerge from the loo with a little piece of litter on my nose. Mommy and Daddy call it "my coke habit" but of course, I just really get into any project at hand.

3. My favorite sport is inchworm
Whenever anyone is petting me or even thinking about petting me, I like to lay down on the ground and stretch all out and inch my way around on the floor pulling my body around with my claws. Daddy calls it "inchworm".

4. Small beans and strangers make me very nervous
I really don't understand the appeal of company or strangers in the house. Mommy and Daddy had a party a few months after they brought me home and I didn't come down for the entire two days there were weird people here. When someone that is not mommy or daddy comes to the door, I bolt. Seriously.

5. I could play for days on end
The first night mommy and daddy brought me home, I just started playing with the mice and toys they had and didn't stop. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to play. More than my brother, Ollie, who you can get riled up with the fevers and red dots but otherwise could take it or leave it. Not me. I could mouse all day, all night.

6. Mr. Chen was my name at the shelter
Leslye from the shelter told mommy and daddy that my name in my old foster home was Mr. Chen. They thought that was cute but were going to renmame me when the decided to get me and my brother. They were going to call us Rock and Roll. But, then they decided that Mr. Chen was just perfect and how could they possibly change it.

7. I adore my brother Ollie
Though we're not related by blood, we came from the same shelter and we love each other so much I couldn't imagine life without him now.

Bonus fact - my birthday party (Ollie's too) is this Sat! You're all invited!

Now, I would like to tag the following seven kitties:
Caesar, Luna, DaisyMaeMaus, Zevo Calamari, Miles, Bonnie and Patches


Dragonheart said...

Mr. Chen, I enjoyed learning more about you. :) I love to play too. :) It's one of my favourite things!

The Meezers said...

Mr Chen, that was great!! What about Ollie? What are his random facts?? we need to know!

Daisy said...

I like your name, Mr. Chen! You are funny; I wish I could see the inchworm technique!

Do not worry, I do not like strangers either. I bolt when I hear the doorbell, and I don't come out until they are gone.

The Crew said...

I don't like strangers either and always hide when company comes.

Happy purrthday, guys! We'll stop over for the party.

Maxwell Smartkitty
The Crew

Luna said...

Hi Chen and Ollie, thanks for tagging me.Look at my meme!
I hope not to forget their party!
Besos gatunos

●๋: ●๋:
´´´´´●๋: ●๋:
´●๋: ●๋: Luna Spain ●๋: ●๋:
´´´´´ ●๋: ●๋:
´●๋: ´●๋: ´●๋: ´●๋:

Marie the Defender said...

Awww you are so welcome, I am glad that I was the one who picked you for your first meme!!

You are so handsome, I can see why you would be the display cat at the shelter.

I lovelovelove my toys, not so much the chase (Donny likes that more).

You are a pawesome kitty!

Have a great weekend!

Ariel said...


Those are some grat facts.I especially like # 7 so sweet :)